Serology: expanded catalogue with Proteus screening



Futura System Group expanded its Serology’s catalogue completing the WW series of the coloured inactive bacterial suspension (1x20 ml) for the quantitative determination of the antibodies by agglutination in tube test, including the complete Proteus panel (Proteus OX2 - Proteus OX19 - Proteus OXK) to the already affirmed Brucella and Salmonella screening; introducing the WF series, a new type of rapid test containing a coloured inactive bacterial suspension  for the qualitative determination of the antibodies by agglutination on slide and the semi-quantitative determination on microplates, including the complete Brucella, Salmonella and Proteus panel (Proteus OX2 - Proteus OX19 - Proteus OXK);.       introducing positive and negative controls for Brucella, Salmonella and Proteus useful for Quality Control These products have different method and different incubation time, as explained here below:

WW SERIES (1X20ml) – Bacterial Suspensions for TUBE Tests 40 TESTS (500 µl/test) 16-18h at 37°C                                                                                                                                                  

WF SERIES (1X5ml) – Bacterial Suspensions for SLIDE  100 TESTS (50µl/test) and MICROPLATE 500 Tests (10 µl/test) 24h a 37°C o 4h a 52°C   For further information, please see the catalogue on line.