New liquid coagulation line



The new line CH includes liquid and ready to use Thromboplastin, PT and Fibrinogen calibrators, normal and pathologic controls  with value tables referred to a large number of coagulometers.

CH111: Thromboplastin stable 60 days at 2-8°C, liquid and ready to use. There are no possibilities of handling/reconstitution errors through pipetting or water quality, our liquid reagent is less turbid, it gives more consistent results between analysers and there is no settling across short periods of time on board therefore it is able to work on analysers without a stir bar. Assigned value for Coatron A4, Sysmex, ACL, CoaData, Labitec, Behnk, etc

CH224: APTT SI + Calcium Cloride (Silicate Activator) stable 30 days at 2-8°C

CH100: Clauss Fibrinogen 100 NIH/ml: lyophilized thrombin and dedicated calibrator

CH021: PT calibration curve: 4 activity levels (%) for PT and Coagulation Calibrator that includes Coagulation factors, PT, Fibrinogen, C and S Protein, etc

CH004-CH005: Normal and pathologic Controls with values referred to a large number of coagulometers (Coatron A4, Sysmex, ACL, CoaData, Labitec, Behnk, etc)

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